Athletics SA calls for Commission of Enquiry on Caster Semenya's case

The Athletics South Africa (ASA) says it's first priority is to ensure that Caster Semenya’s professional career is protected and they are now focusing their efforts and attention on dealing with the questions around her legitimately continuing to participate in athletics.

According to a release by MS&L Worldwide on behalf of Athletics SA, "the ASA cannot afford to be drawn into a media campaign to discredit the leadership and administration of the ASA at this time.

"In order to focus its attention in the best interests of all its athletes, the ASA is open to the appointment a commission of enquiry into the way in which it conducted its affairs around the Caster Semenya issue. The ASA will request input into the terms of reference of this proposed enquiry.

This will allow the ASA to focus its attention where it can make a difference to Caster’s future. As the administrator of athletics in South Africa, the ASA has and continues to operate in the best interests of South Africa and the athletes it represents.

The ASA will allow this proposed commission of enquiry to run its full course and then deal conclusively with all questions around its conduct rather than responding piece meal to ongoing allegations, speculation and rumours from a variety of sources.

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