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Kenya loses another medal to the USA IN 2008

Sorry for being away from the blog for a while. no explanation really, but exams taking its toll. It's no longer news that reigning Olympic 1500m Silver medallist Bernard Lagat has defected to the US. Anyway, just wondering why African athletes are not just contented with being 'settled' in the developed nations. Must they always lose their nationalities completely? One scenario i forsee come 2008 Olympics is this: African athletes may dominate the medals podium, but none of the medals will count for African countries. What a shame that will be! However, i am delighted that the IAAF has come strongly against this and the new rules on change of nationalities should at least deter other not so patriotic athletes from following the same footsteps. Probably not as draconic as that proposed by the Kenyan Sports Minister. But I can feel his anger.