Wissman gets a website, targets Berlin

European champion and Sweden’s big hope for the upcoming World Championship, Johan Wissman has put up a website www.johanwissman.com for his fans to follow his journey towards new successes and new medals.

Johan Wissman says:
"The website is an effective and enjoyable way of communicating with all my fans and I shall be updating it frequently with news, pictures, as well as You Tube clips.
"I will also be conducting my own interviews at competitions and training campswith my fellow landsmen and rivals, and I certainly hope to be able to contribute with a scoop in the near future."
Johan will have his first appearance on the international track-and-field scene for the outdoor season, this Saturday the 30th of May in Kalamata, Greece and will be facing numerous big competitions in the nearby future with the main target being theWorld Championship In Berlin where the set goal is to take a medal and finishing in the top three positions.

The website will be introduced in Swedish and English, where it will be possible for visitors to find news, interviews, competitions for the fans, a schedule outlining Johan’s upcoming competitions, results of previous competitions, statistics and more.

For more visit www.johanwissman.com

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