Dwain Chambers, BOA, UKA and hypocrisy

By now it's no longer news that the best athlete in Britain would not be going to the Olympics.

I have followed the events of the past few months with regards to Dwain Chambers closely and crawled so many sites/forums to sample opinions about this case, and as divided as these opinions have been, one thing that struck me is the level of hypocrisy i see.

From the sad and lamentable actions of the British Olympic Association and UK Athletics, the sorry utterrances of it's leading officials and the gang-up of some disaffected former athletes and their cronies in the media, it all smacks of a society of people eager to bury their own shame at the expense of a scapegoat.

To me Chambers is not being punished for taking drugs in the past, he is being punished now for daring to stand up to the establishment and for being honest to call a spade a spade. As a consequence, he's been bullied, pilloried and abused by the ''holier and morally upright' lynch-mob.

Listening to BOA's Lord Moynihan gloats over the judgement was sad. It just shows the world we live in today and how people are so unforgiving and how the society have become infatuated with punishment, even repeated ones, that sports governing bodies will do anything to prevent a young man from rehabilitating himself.

A plus for me though was Darren Campbell, who despite the tantrums he pulled at the Euros in Goteborg in 2006 after the relays, was still quite supportive and told the media:
"Everybody deserves a second chance - you've just got to right that wrong first. But people have been mentioning this on the same level as murderers. We really need to keep it in perspective."
I'd leave you with this comment below by someone called Roger Sacks on the BBC 606 that somewhat echoes my exact sentiments on this sordid media lynching of Dwain:
"At 6:24pm on 18 Jul 2008, RogerSacks wrote:

What was it that Jesus Christ told the manic crowd and woman accused of Adultery, as a crowd of people were about to 'Stone Her To Death' ? He bent down and started to draw something in the sand just in front of him and first looked up at the crowd above him, saying to them - "Let anyone without sin cast the first stone !" Gradually the manic crowd dispersed one by one until only He, our Lord and Savious Jesus Christ remained there with the woman. He then turned to her and said, "Go away and sin no more !" This is what I say to each one of you and to Sir Arthur Gold and The British Olympic Association and specifically to the presiding Justice in this case. Dwain Chambers has served his sentence, repented of what he has done and turned away from the sin that he had committed. This in itself has been proved beyond doubt. No-one is above the 'Law of this Land', and all of our Laws have been based upon 'God's Laws and Commandments found within the Bible'. If God's Only Son Jesus Christ tells us to follow these Laws explicitly and shows us just how to administer them fairly, legally, ethically, and morally and shows us through His Word and By His action just what to do in a Crisis like this - then we must adhere to what He tells us. Mathew 17 tells us that God's voice came out from beyond a bright cloud and said to Jesus Deciples, "This is my dear Son, LISTEN TO HIM !" God is telling us to do this in a '3 DIMENSIONAL WAY'. Don't just listen to Jesus words and take no notice or interpret them in your own way, but listen to precisely what He says, live the very life of what is contained in the words that Jesus tells us. Think like Him, taste the very morality of what he says, drink His refreshing existance and dwell upon every mannerism of Jesus and DO PRECISELY WHAT JESUS WOULD DO IN EVERY INSTANCE AND IN EVERYTHING YOU COME AGAINST. "ASK WHAT WOULD JESUS DO IN THIS VERY INSTANCE OVER THIS VERY MATTER BEFORE MAKING YOUR OWN DECISION?" Has anyone ever taken any enhancing medication or paid privately to enhance their performance in asserting themselves in any way in order to perform better than any other person that they are in competition with at school or in a work environment? This is in fact unfair on the other competitors in everything we do - especially if they cannot afford to do what we are doing. Do you find yourselves right now feeling the guilt and shame of having done this? Do we go to the police and asked to be punished when we see that we are speeding or have carved someone up on a roundabout or driven over a Zebra Crossing when someone is waiting to cross it? Well, we are just as guilty as Dwain Chambers by doing this, we too have cheated and it doesn't matter how big the 'stage' is either! What the British Olympic Committee has done to Dwain Chambers is just as bad as what Dwain Chambers did. However, the Law of This Land states that once the sentence has been served and Justice is done, then the person is a FREE MAN. What the British Olympic Association has done is they have overridden the Law of this Land and served a 'Death Sentence' on Dwain Chambers. By doing this - those who have taken drugs will see no light at the end of the tunnel to give them any reason to repent of their sins and sin no more! God and His only son Jesus Christ would have allowed Dwain Chambers to compete again at the very highest level. Only those who have something to hide or who are not FREE of sin would not."

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